Marching Students

    It is now time to prepare for the upcoming marching band season.  This is a new year with higher expectations.  The band will continue to move toward a more competitive atmosphere, and we will expect more of each individual so the band will be more successful.  Attendance and self-discipline will be the focus of this season.  All students will be responsible for submitting the Absence Request Form for any missed rehearsals.  This can be found online at www.charmsoffice.com.  Do not take this lightly!  Attendance will be taken at every rehearsal and event.  All members should read the sections that apply to you.

    We are always working to improve our communication with parents and students.  Please note the ways that are presently available and utilize as many as you can.
      • www.charmsoffice.com – This is the primary website for feeding and obtaining information from those within the program.  Each student will be assigned a login and password.  Parents should become well acquainted with this website as it used for many things.
      • www.mavband.com – This is the official website of our band program.  Its purpose is to feed information to those people who are outside the band program.
      • My e-mail – ascheuch@greenville.k12.sc.us
      • Facebook – We have a page called Mauldin High School Band that sends out announcements.  Please visit it and “Like” it so you can receive those notices.
      • Phone calls – My office phone is (864) 355-6615.  If you have a business phone call, please call that line.
      • If you had my cell phone number prior to this year, please know that that number is now my house phone number.  I do not receive texts any more at that number.  You may call my house phone, text my wife’s number if you have it, or use one of the other methods above to communicate with me.


    I think that is it for now.  I am really excited about this new year. 



    Thank you for your attention to detail,


    Adam Scheuch

    Webmaster Mavband,
    Aug 22, 2012, 12:20 PM